Clarify where you want to go with your life and money.

Life Goals


Financial Planning

Understand your current financial position so you can save and spend strategically.

Build, adjust, & maintain an investment portfolio that matches your risk tolerance & personal goals.


Investment Management

Review who will step in to help make decisions and carry on your legacy.

Estate Planning 


Navigate today's rules while maximizing your wealth.


Tax Planning

Review and protect what's most important.


Insurance Planning

HOW Daybreak WEalth supports your ideal retirement

Invest, protect, spend, and give with confidence.

Using advisor expertise and experience to guide you through all 6 key areas of financial well-being.

With nearly 20 years in financial services working at companies such as Citadel, I've come to believe that the foundation of good planning is good questions. 

If I don't ask how much you want to spend, how can I determine how much you need to retire? No two clients answer my questions the same way.  That's ok. 

Your story is unique and your plan should be, too.  Practically, that means:
  • I am limiting my client base so that I have time to hear your story.  
  • I am providing regular reviews rather than static plans.
  • I enjoy coordinating & communicating with your other advisors.
  • I welcome your questions too!

I designed Daybreak Wealth with you in mind.  Too often, in my opinion, advisors are incentivized to focus on a single area of a client's life (usually assets) while growing their client base.  I am committed to cultivating deep client relationships and using my experience help manage your financial life holistically.  My goal is to help you craft and live your ideal next chapter.

Lauren Hunt CFP® 

Your financial advisor: Lauren Hunt, CFP®

Fiduciary, Owner, Wealth Manager

Daybreak Wealth Clients

Is Daybreak Wealth a fit for you?

Those with following outlooks are the best fit for the Daybreak Wealth approach:

You want to work with an advisor who will value and respect your thoughts while offering clear direction.

You are interested in comprehensive planning & investment management.

You are a long term investor.

You value thought partnership.

You are 50+ and are retired or preparing to transition into retirement.

You believe financial wellness is a core component of overall wellness.

With ongoing review and proactive planning, Daybreak Wealth ensures your financial plan supports your goals through life's changes.


Daybreak Wealth will create your personalized, comprehensive financial strategy with care and expertise.


Book a complimentary call to share your challenges and goals, and determine if Daybreak Wealth is the best fit for you.


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