January 6, 2023

What Makes Us Different?

We believe Daybreak Wealth is different, here’s why:

  • Each client is served by a team with diversified professional expertise.  The Daybreak Wealth team includes an experienced Financial Advisor and an Estate Attorney.  Usually this would require clients to manage and coordinate two separate advisory relationships.
  • Our client base is limited.  We are committed to serving a limited number client families, Our limit is significantly below the industry average.  We believe that we really need to know our clients in order to be an effective decision-making partner.
  • We charge a flat annual fee, billed quarterly.    The majority of financial advisory firms charge for their services under an Assets Under Management or “AUM” model.  This means that: (i) the advisory fee is set as a percentage of the accounts under the advisory firm’s management; and (ii) that if the client’s account value grows then the advisor’s fee grows alongside it, which leads to the client not knowing or realizing what they pay their advisor each year.  We believe in transparency and we have set our fee structure accordingly. Fees should be clear, based on the complexity of a client’s financial life, and should only adjust when both parties agree.
  • Our approach is planning focused.  Assets are a part of all successful financial plans, but they are only one component.  We focus on what our clients want to accomplish and help them best use and protect their resources to achieve their goals.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about you and what makes you different.  Please use the link below to book an introductory meeting.