June 14, 2023

We Make It Simple

Daybreak Wealth was founded to help relieve the stress of being the sole financial decision maker. We operate as our client’s central hub for coordinating and evaluating the best next steps as they move through all of life’s transitions.

Anyone who’s ever had to navigate the medical system understands why this central coordinator is important.   This problem of having to navigate unconnected, but related professionals is not unique to the medical system. People trying to navigate the financial system often feel the same frustrations.

The asset manager invests your money, the estate attorney creates the asset protection plan, the insurance agents identify required coverage and the CPA’s prepare the taxes, but do any of these professionals actually talk to each other? Who makes sure that all those individual pieces are working together to maximize the possibilities for the individual or family? Often the answer is the individual themselves.

Daybreak Wealth takes over the role of coordinator and guide.