Where some wealth management firms have large client bases and focus only on assets, Daybreak Wealth takes a different approach. I believe that true financial wellness means tending to multiple aspects of your financial picture, not just investments alone.

That's why I use a transparent, flat-fee pricing model for my highly personalized, service. With this approach, I can offer comprehensive financial strategy and support for a select group of clients.

In an industry focused on quantity,  my sole focus is quality.

what makes daybreak wealth different?

Wealth Management vs Asset Management vs Financial Plan

How does Dabyreak Wealth Define Wealth Management?

Wealth Management

A snapshot of multiple facets of financial wellness, high-level recommendations, & adjustments to reach stated goals.

Financial Plan

Asset management

The ongoing selection, review, & management of invested assets.

Clarify where you want to go with your life and money.

Life Goals


Financial Planning

Understand your current financial position so you can save and spend strategically.

Build, adjust, & maintain an investment portfolio that matches your risk tolerance & personal goals.


Investment Management

Review who will step in to help make decisions and carry on your legacy.

Estate Planning 


Navigate today's rules while maximizing your wealth.


Tax Planning

Review and protect what's most important.


Insurance Planning

the daybreak wealth outlook

Invest, protect, spend, & give with confidence.

Using advisor experience to guide you through all 6 key areas of financial well-being.

Daybreak Wealth charges a fixed-dollar advisory fee that covers your entire partnership. Your fee relates to the complexity of your overall situation as well as the assets being managed on your behalf. Your fee will be defined at the beginning of our partnership and reviewed annually.  Fees are billed quarterly and in arrears.

Flat Fee Pricing

the investment

Potential clients with greater than $8m of assets to manage or other additional complexity should connect with Daybreak Wealth for a quote. At this time, I am unable to accept clients with less than $500,000 of assets being managed by the firm.

Tier 1


Usually best fit for those with up to $1.49m of assets being managed.

Tier 3


Usually best fit for those with between $5.1m-$8m of assets being managed.

Tier 2


Usually best fit for those with between $1.5m-$5.0m of assets being managed.